The Wizard is a network of young professionals based in Rome, Italy. We are mainly involved in web development, graphic design, technical consulting and training courses for young developers. We like to use cutting-edge technologies to develop modern and efficient web applications, ready for the 2.0 digital era and optimized for every device.

-The Wizard



Front-end Developer

Always passionate about technology and computers, when Federico finished his studies, he made it his profession. Working since 2010 formerly as a network expert, later becoming web programmer, web design teacher and technical consultant for networking integrated solutions. Founder of The Wizard, currently deals with front-end development and web design.


Back-end Developer

You know that type of guy like: “Nothing is impossible, just give me e minute”. Sid is that type of guy. He lives in the terminal, loves new technologies, passionate about what he does, always up-to-date. He has been working in the business for more than 10 years, he can accomplish literally everything on web-related. The programming guru. I speak for him because he’s too busy building that space rocket right know.


Graphic Designer

Leonardo, officially graduated in Industrial Design in 2010, since then he worked with several studios and publishers, he created designs for magazines, client business logos, corporate identity and website layouts. From 2014 he started working on his own, became a renown photographer and often collaborates with us, developers of The Wizard, creating for us beautiful hand-crafted web designs.


Graphic Designer

Tommy graduated from IED (European Institute of Design) as a graphic designer, he’s a multi-sided artist, he brought to life the worldwide viral project called IYDLIYAF and keeps him busy doing personal projects involving writing, painting, sculpting, toy designing, a clothing line and much more. He loves designing monsters! He’s a versatile artist that can imagine a website as no-one did before.


Apprentice Developer

Always fascinated by computers, Dario is a curious and passionate PC consumer. Finished his studies, he moved to London and began his working experience. There he learned the ropes to make his passion become his daily job. Lands at The Wizard as an apprentice web designer and front-end developer.